Can you tell your whole story in 60 seconds? Communication, and effective communication I might add, is of vital importance for business success. We assist companies in communicating with their customers and consumers to tell truly compelling s

Reach your viewers anywhere in the world. We specialize from small to large scale events with 50-100,000 online viewers.

Why Does Online Video For Business Work?

We get a lot of musicians asking us to quote them for a music video. Music videos are difficult to quote for, it's like asking: "How long is a shoe lace?" We offer two alternatives:

Video is a powerful communication tool if the strengths of the medium are incorporated and used well in the development and production of a corporate video or film.

Bald Eagle Productions is also developing into a fast growing TV production company. It’s a story of progress driven by the energy and enthusiasm of Bald Eagle Production’s Managing Director Arnold Du Plessis.
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