Live Streaming and Events Recording

With our services and technology you can reach your viewers anywhere in the world. We specialize from small to large scale events with 50-100,000 online viewers.

We stream and webcast:
- Business Conferences, EXPO's
- Award Shows
- Internal Corporate Events
- Lectures
- GM meetings
- Corporate team building events
- Product launches
- Press releases
- Charity events

Multi camera filming for your live event or video project allows a greater choice of shots and angles, giving a choice of editing styles and footage to work with. Multi camera filming is an ideal solution to capture all aspects of your event and to ensure that the end product is up to your expectations.
Live Events Video Streaming (Webcasts) has become an essential tool for delivering your message using the web to your customers, colleagues and target audience anywhere in the world.

We offer:
- Single and multi-camera recording for live or on-demand webcast
- Live Video and Audio Streaming / Webcast of the event
- Custom webcast web page design and add-ons integration
- Power Point, Keynote and additional media integration

We can also record live presentation feeds going to screens and either mix it with camera shots or stream it as a separate video.
What we also do:
- Post Live Event Video Hosting
- On-Demand Video Streaming / Vodcasts
- Live Event Video editing and Power Point integration
- Encoding and Transcoding
- Custom build Video Hosting Solutions
We also specialize in:
- Corporate video filming, editing and post production services
- Corporate events videos and event presentations production
- Interview and speech delivery style videos filming and delivery
- Corporate promotional show reel videos
- Live events filming and recording including multi cameras and video sources solutions
Why work with us?
We have several years of experience offering web video streaming solutions and video production services. We also closely work with live events production companies offering filming and events video production services for business conferences, awards shows, GM meetings, corporate team building events, product launches, press releases and similar live events.

Delivery format:
Online videos, webcasts and webinars can be delivered in the following formats: FLV, WMV, MP4, MOV or encoded to your specification.
We host and build custom solutions to support online hosting for:

- On Demand HD Webinars
- Live and On Demand Webcasts
- Streaming Video
- Web Video
- Podcast (audio) and Vodcasts (video)
Your project will be hosted on a dedicated server to ensure that traffic and workload requirements have been met to ensure a good quality, stable delivery. We can offer both On Demand solutions as well as Live Streaming Video technology.
What is Webinars, Webcasts, Streaming Video or Podcast?
Webinar: Webinar is a WEB Based Seminar.
Watching a webinar on demand is like taking part at the seminar with the only difference that you can watch it on demand when you want to. It is an ideal solution if not all of your delegates can make it on the day!
Webcast: A webcast is a web based transmission of media content (video and audio) over the Internet. In simple words its like watching TV on your computer with the only difference that you are watching it from a web page.
Streaming Video: Its a video that is "streamed" over the internet instead of downloading the file. It is based on a streaming video server technology.
Podcast: Its the same thing as a webcast with the difference that you can actually download the file either to your computer or any other portable media device to watch or listen to it later.

We also supply freelance specialists in the following areas:
- DOP's and Camera Operators.
- Video editors - Final Cut, AVID and Adobe Premier Pro.
- Motion graphics specialists - (After Effects and Motion).
- 2D and 3D graphics designers

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