Video is a powerful communication tool if the strengths of the medium are incorporated and used well in the development and production of a corporate video or film.
Videos can create a mood and/or project an image.
The viewer absorbs the information better (and for longer)
Video can educate, train, inform, entertain and motivate.
Video can be used to keep record of special events.

The Corporate Uses of Video

  • One-on-one sales meetings.
  • Exhibitions or product launches.
  • Boardroom and conferences.
  • Training sessions.
  • Broadcast television.
  • CD/DVD-ROM presentations.
  • Video can be distributed and viewed in many different ways.
  • Video can be copied, cost effectively, on DVD and used as a mailer.
  • Video can be given to clients or staff to view at their leisure.
  • Video can be made available on company intranets.
  • Video can be transferred to CD/DVD-ROM as part of a multi-media project. (A CD/DVD-ROM can be duplicated for under R10.00)
  • Communication tool

Essentially your video is a communication tool. It should convey your message effectively through interesting and appropriate scripting and footage designed to leverage the strengths of the video medium.

At Bald Eagle Productions we cover various areas of Specialised Production:

  • DVD Productions
  • Safety Videos
  • Industrial Videos
  • Web Video Productions
  • Demonstration/Installation Videos
  • Training Videos
  • Internet Video Productions
  • Launch Videos
  • Corporate Videos
  • Induction DVD

At Bald Eagle Productions we use our insight into corporate communications and our experience in advertising to create videos that tell stories with creative impact.
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