Why Does Online Video For Business Work?

Online video has become a powerful component of any succesful coummunication strategy, including marketing and public relations.

You never get a second chance to make a first impression!

A video on your site is the first port of call in introducing your company to the world. A succesful video campaign will elevate your business and increase your sales.
Research shows that people prefer to watch a video, rather than read about your company. By creating top quality video content that is placed on your site – you will increase your website responses AND your site will rank higher in Google rankings. Users that engage with video spend more time on your website, and more time spent equals quality interaction with your business prospects.

You too can have video produced to be hosted on your site!
A Corporate video provides an innovative solution to drive traffic to your website, capturing the essence of your business and gives a personal touch to help connect you with your customer.
Corporate Video is the key ingredient in to create a successful video branding campaign that energizes your online presence! Here are some Statistics :

  • Online video viewing increased 43% in the United States last year.
  • YouTube views increased 25% last year.
  • YouTube videos receive 4 billion views/day.
  • More than 500 tweets/minute contain a YouTube link.
  • Online video is 141 times more likely to generate a “click-through” in search engine results.
  • 72% of small businesses say YouTube is highly effective for marketing.
  • More than half of CEOs and senior executives watch a work-related YouTube video at least weekly.
  • 65% of senior-level executives have visited a vendor’s website after watching an online video.
  • 67% of senior-level executives said an online video influenced them to make a business-related purchase.

From conception to completion, BALD EAGLE PRODUCTIONS can create custom corporate videos for Internet, TV and DVD distribution. We can place your videos on a several video networks such as You Tube and Vimeo to enhance your online presence.
A web video production presents your key proposition in seconds, saving your visitors precious time. It stands to reason that this format gets better results. It's short. It's sharp. It's simple.

If you are unsure of what you want to do, please contact us to set up an obligation free meeting and we will gladly assist you.

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