We produce music videos for the rapidly growing South African music industry.

We do

  • music videos
  • live performances
  • behind the scenes videos
  • promotional showreel
  • DVD's

We get a lot of musicians asking us to quote them for a music video. Music videos are difficult to quote for... it's like asking: "How long is a shoe lace?"

We offer two alternatives:

Option A (simple and easy):

The easiest for you is to give us an idea of what you want to do and how much you want to spend, and we will design something for you within that budget.

Option B (requires home work from your side):
If you don't have any idea of how much you want to spend then hopefully the information below will assist. We suggest you go through this and then provide us with the information required, and this will enable us to give you a more accurate quote.


Basic information:

You generally get three kinds of music video, and each of these kinds of videos has a set of variables which will influence the price. So we would like to suggest that you firstly decide what kind of video you want and then decide on each cost variable. Once we get this information we will be able to give you a more accurate quote.

The Performance Based Music Video
In this video the band or artist perform the song in some interesting location throughout the video. Generally this is not filmed during an actual live performance, but the band plays specifically to for the camera, so one can get creative with the filming and lighting techniques used. Sometimes random images are dropped in for effect. These images can be purchased from online video libraries or filmed specifically. This kind of video generally requires the smallest budget.
Narrative Based Video
With this kind of music video the footage tells a story. This video usually makes use of professional actors and the story line is linked to the song's lyrics. This video may also include the band performing, as with the performance based music video (see above).
Concept Based Video
This music video is based around a single concept. These videos tend to be fairly unusual and often use a particular editing or filming technique. A great example is "Here it goes again" by Ok go, check it out here:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dTAAsCNK7RA



Will we develop the concept, or do you have something in mind? Script development - Who will develop the script (storyline)?


Format: HD digital video or 35mm film?
Specific camera's required?  ☐ DSLR     ☐ HD     ☐ 4K HD     ☐ 35mm     ☐ unsure
Advanced camera techniques (will we require advanced equipment like jibs, steadycam etc.)
Any advanced filming techniques (like green screen,this may require studio time, which is costly)
Number of shooting days (this depends on the complexity of the script, so if you have any ideas in mind then please give us the details, or send us a link to videos online which you like)


Will we require specific models to act out a script? How many? Will we need to pay for these, or can you ask favours from friends? (keep in mind that acting does not come naturally to most people, so using friends may extend production time and/or compromise the quality)
Will we require extras (additional people in the video)? Will we need to pay for these, or can you ask favours from friends?

Will we need to supply catering for the cast and crew, or will you handle that?


How many different locations will be used?
Will we need to pay for these, or will they be favours from friends?
Will we need to source these locations?
Will we require film permits to shoot at these locations?
Travel expenses, where are the locations? How much will it cost to get the required cast, crew and equipment there? Distance from Centurion?


Any advanced editing techniques? Any specific color grading or particular feel you want? Any animation required?


Different broadcasters have different requirements, so please let us know which broadcasters you want to send the video to, or do you just want to upload it onto the internet?


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